Meet The Woodroffe's

For Cleo, Kenai, Tigger, Chester and all the much loved pets we have lost.
"I loved you your whole life and I'll miss you for every second of mine"


My name is Ash and I’m the face behind Black Leash. Growing up surrounded by all animals, big and small, you can’t help but establish a bond with them.
I spent my childhood teaching deaf dogs sign language, rescuing stray cats, begging my mum to go and feed the underfed horse down the road and come up with many escape plans to keep her in my back yard and many other animals in need of help and a lot of TLC. As well as taking any opportunity to sleep in the kennels with my family greyhounds, go help my uncle at his aquarium shop, making sure to befriend every horse I ever met and saying a quick hello to animals of all shapes and sizes who crossed my path. When I rescued my beautiful Dolly and spent many hours training with her, I knew this is what I wanted to do forever.
That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to ensuring every animal is safe and happy in every situation — providing real solutions to the most common problems pet owners face. Still, I'm always learning about new care techniques and pride myself on improving my skill set so that I can provide the absolute best service I can. I'm currently studying my animal behaviourist certificate to expand my knowledge and gain more experience with common behaviour problems. I have extensive experience in dog walking, pet sitting, pet transport and event attendant. I love also being able to offer these services for anyone who needs them!



Reilly is my very dedicated and supportive husband that has encouraged me every day to go after my dreams. Reilly is a FIFO worker who still manages to commit every spare second he has to helping out with whatever I need. Reilly’s love for dogs started long before he met me, He grew up with husky's and malamutes. When we met his love grew even more as I started to introduce him to more animals. Fur, fins, fangs and scales of all kinds quickly became the norm for us and we love every second of it. You’ll often see Reilly tagging along to pet sitting and transport jobs to give me a hand and gain some more experience of his own.

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Dolly is a Ridgeback x Kelpie with an absolute heart of gold. Words can not describe the love I have for her and the bond we share. Dolly was rescued from a hording abuse situation back in 2019 when she was just 12 weeks old. We welcomed her into our home in November 2019 and we quickly noticed the bad shape she was in. Aside form all the cuts, bruises and being severely underweight, she was a very shy and timid girl who just wanted to be loved. After a few months we came to the realization that Dolly was new people and dog aggressive. It broke my heart to watch my beautiful girl go through this every time we left the house. We quickly began muzzle training and finding new and off the beaten track paths to take her. Dolly’s training is going extremely well, however the trauma she suffered as a pup will stay with her forever. Seeing the change in her, and us as dog owners, is really what has inspired me to go down the dog training path. I believe every dog should be given equal opportunities to learn and grow, as should every pet owner should be able to have an educational, safe and judgment free space to grow with their pets, just like Dolly has.



I like to call Ernie our resident tornado. He is full of life and energy. Ernie is a 1-year-old Labrador who we adopted back in March 2020. He is the life of the party wherever we go. Ernie is such a people dog and never misses and opportunity to say hello to anyone he walks past. His training is vastly different to Dolly’s, we work extremely hard on commands, sign language and obedience. Despite only being a young boy that is full of beans, he excels all my expectations every time we try out something new. When we aren't training you can usually find Ernie in the water, the beach is his absolute favourite place and will never turn down a chance to chase his ball in some waves and really test the boundaries of how far out he can swim.  I am always incredibly touched to see the bond Ernie and Dolly have, they are always cuddling in their beds or play toys with each other. The love they share will be greater than anything else in life and not only am I blessed to call them my best pals but from them to be each other’s support through anything.



Gary is the beautiful FIV+ tabby cat you will often see in pictures and videos. Gary has such a little personality that never fails to make you laugh. Due to his FIV Gary is an inside only cat, not that I think he minds too much. He spends his days sleeping in the sun, playing with the puppies and trying to see how much food he can get out of everyone, we say he is chunky but funky.



Like most reptiles, Leonard doesn’t get up to all the much. He spends his days under the heat lamp on his hammock, munching down on some crickets or worms and occasionally him and Gary will chase each other form the other side of the glass. We also rescued Leonard from a place where he kids were allowed to throw him around like a ball so he is a work in progress similar to Dolly but he always keeps us on our toes with his little personality as well.